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will tantalize your senses

Hire a team of assassins to kill the enemy

Imagine you are leading your team of assassins into a realm of shadows. The enemy is nowhere to be found and you must use your 5 senses to find the enemy. Send a scout out and find them before they find you. All details about whom you're searching for are hidden from you. When you do find the enemy destroy them with all the strength you got. 


Shadow war is a game based on hidden movement with miniature war game battle rules and custom campaign growth. This is a small team miniature war game with 4 v.s. 4 models facing off. You need to score more points than the enemy to win the game. Earn points by killing the enemy, scoring points on the objective, or destroying their home tower base. Choose your Character then upgrade them to learn new skills.

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Important parts of the games

Use the 5 senses to find the enemy

You must use the 5 senses to find out where the enemy is located. Hearing is used defensively and can be used on their turn to allow them to not get the jump on you.  Touch the area where you at to find them. Connect the trails of where the enemy was!

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Bounce between two realms

You are jumping back and forth between two realms. One minute you are safe and sound on earth. then you can enter the shadows and travel to the areas unknown.

the battle between the realms of good and evil.


Customization of the Models

Play the campaign mode and develop your model into a stronger warrior. 


Art was created by Abe Narvaez

Improve Your Gaming Experience

core rules
Shadow War promo Video!

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